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Easi Transfer

Need to transfer funds from your Commercial Bank account to your Credit Union Account?…. Pay your loan or make deposits with MCCU Easi Transfer by:

1. (A)Transferring or Depositing funds to MCCU’S BNS account using the following recipient information:

  • Account Name: Manchester Co-operative Credit Union (1977) Ltd.
  • Bank Name: Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Ltd.
  • Account Number: 392-17
  • Branch: Mandeville
  • Branch Code: 50195


(B) Utilizing the bill payment option by adding Manchester Co-op Credit Union as a payee on the BNS Online Banking Platform and process as a Bill payment (enter your Credit Union Account Number starting with 0’s to make it up to 12 characters).

2. Email proof of payment along with your MCCU account details ( Member’s Name and Account Number)and instructions as to where the funds should be deposited (name of savings or loan account, etc.) to –

3. MCCU will then update your account(s) within 24hours* of receiving your email.

*In this regard 24 hours refers to the next Business Day.