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Our Bond

Membership in the Manchester Co-operative Credit Union (1977) Limited is extended to the following persons:

i. Persons residing in the parish of Manchester

ii. Persons working or attending school in the parish of Manchester

iii. Residents within a twenty-mile radius of Christiana

iv. Persons born in the parish of Manchester

v. *Relatives of Members of Manchester Co-operative Credit Union (1977) Limited (MCCU) as mentioned at i, ii, iii & iv above.

*Relatives are defined as spouse, parents, siblings, children and grandchildren.

How does one become
a member of MCCU?

You will need to produce the following items on your visit to one of our branches

A Valid Photo I.D.
Driver’s Licence
Electoral / Voter’s I.D.
Tax Payer Registration Number
Proof of Address (3 months old or less)
a. Utility Bills (such as telephone bill, water bill and cable bill).
b. Bank Statements and Credit Card Statements bearing the applicants name and address
c. Correspondence from the Government of Jamaica bearing the applicant’s name and address.
d. Post-marked envelope bearing the applicant’s name and address.
Minimum Required to Start
Permanent Shares (Compulsory): $2,000.00
Sure Gain: $500.00
Proof of Income

a. Business income
b. Employment (e.g. salary, wages, bonuses, business activity etc)
c. Gifts
d. Rental income
e. Sale of property
f. Sale of shares
g. Loan drawdown
h. Inheritances
Possible Sources of Funds (SOF): Click here to see examples

Benefits of becoming a Member

Once you become a member you also become a part owner of the Credit Union

Unlike other financial institutions the Credit Union shares a percentage of its yearly profits with its members.

Your life savings and loans are insured free of cost to you.

Your beneficiaries get all your savings plus more in the event of death.

Manchester Co-operative Credit Union offers a wide range of services (savings, loans & insurance) at competitive rates.

You join a Credit Union that is stable and secure and has well over 70 years of experience in the financial arena.